Prove Your Professionalism and Protect Your Clients in the New Era of Tax

As the New Era of Tax continues to unfold, successful tax preparers continue to step up our game when it comes to our training and overall professionalism.  

The Pronto Tax School Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) bundle of courses provides the federal tax updates and refreshers you'll need to know for the upcoming tax season.

This bundle of courses meets the strict IRS guidelines that tax preparers must follow to earn the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) credential. 

The main benefit of earning the IRS AFSP credential is that you maintain your right to interact with the IRS on behalf of your clients if and when necessary.

In a world where IRS letters are going out by the millions, clients expect us as tax professionals to be able to solve problems when needed, and that's exactly what earning this AFSP credential makes possible for tax preparers.

Only about 15% of tax preparers earn this credential, so you are putting yourself in select company by investing in your own training and professionalism.

Before purchasing this product, please take a moment to make sure it's the right course for your needs.  This AFSP bundle, between all three courses, gives you the full 18 hours for AFSP.  If you only need the AFTR or "testing portion" of the AFSP, worth 6 hours of IRS credits, that's here.

Some tax preparers are considered "exempt" tax preparers, for example if your state already has a tax preparer education / registration program.  In this case, you may need (or prefer) the state-based program.  For California tax preparers, for example, our 20 Hour CTEC course here covers both the CA hours and the AFSP credential hours.

Yes we know it can be confusing!  :)

 If you have questions about which hours or courses are right for your needs, please feel free to call or text our support team at 310-422-1283.

 Course information for each course--IRS course numbers, etc.--is contained within the individual course and will appear on your certificate of completion as you complete each course within this 3 course bundle.


Bundle includes

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