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Course Description

This New Training Program is designed to help you:

  1. Use cryptocurrency as a "switch point" to take high-value clients from other tax pros.  Crypto clients are ditching their current CPAs by the millions.  You can either be the tax pro getting ditched, or you can be the tax pro to whom clients are fleeing.  25% of affluent Millennials own cryptocurrency.
  2. Adapt and prosper in the New Era of Tax.  You know how most people under age 40 regard tax preparers as irrelevant dinosaurs?  Cryptocurrency / blockchain expertise gives you instant credibility and cool factor.  This is an exciting new technology with humongous tax implications...a "blue ocean" opportunity.
  3. Learn from the best.  Make the most efficient use of your time by learning crypto taxes from one of the best in the world, CPA Joshua Azran, profiled by Accounting Today and Forbes as a top-performing CPA. Learn actual nuts-to-bolts practical skills, including extensive practice tax returns, not just theory.
  4. Level-up your community.  Enjoy direct access to crypto course creator CPA Joshua Azran, Pronto Tax School Founder Andy Frye, EA, and other top Pronto Tax School Members who are already successfully working in this new niche.

High Demand + Low Supply = Premium Fees

Experts estimate that 15-20 million taxpayers have crypto tax filing obligations.

Up to now, the "compliance rate" in reporting crypto gains and losses has been extremely low.

However, the "cat is out of the bag" now, and it's no longer OK to omit cryptocurrency activity from your tax return.  Technically, it was never OK to omit crypto activity.  But now, a lot more people have figured out what's going on, and the potential consequences for taxpayers not properly reporting cryptocurrency activity are becoming much more "real," you could say.

Indeed, the IRS has put cryptocurrency tax evasion in its crosshairs, Congress is now getting involved demanding new tax laws related to cryptocurrency, and the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges are starting to issue 1099s...

Meanwhile, most tax pros have no idea how to work in the best ways with crypto clients, and don't know a blockchain from a hole in the ground.

This includes many high-level CPAs who are losing clients right and left because they think crypto is "icky" or a "fad."

The trademark resistance to change that characterizes so many backward-looking tax professionals creates an environment with high demand for crypto tax experts, and low supply.

Can you name even one crypto-savvy tax pro in your community?

Now multiply the number of taxpayers in your community by 8-10%, and you'll get a figure of how many people own crypto in your community.

Do those numbers look interesting to you?

We're here to help YOU become that "go to" resource for clients with crypto and blockchain tax considerations.

Keep in mind that crypto is typically only one aspect of the tax and financial situation of these clients.  Crypto clients are often highly entrepreneurial, financially successful, computer programmers, etc.

That being said, working with clients who have cryptocurrency tax considerations is not a job for the faint of heart. In fact, performing this type of work without adequate training and support will result in major headaches.  You will waste hours of precious time, you will make numerous expensive errors, and you will really tick clients off if you start trying to do this work without the proper training and support...sometimes, this incompetence can even lead to ethical violations under IRS Circular 230! :(

With the help of top-rated crypto CPA Joshua Azran, we have created this Crypto Tax Training Program to help forward-thinking tax pros seize the opportunity in this new, highly profitable niche.

Our goal is to not only teach you technical aspects of crypto taxes, but to actually help you capitalize by building a new and highly profitable niche for yourself as a tax professional.

In this Training Program, you will master:

  • How to find & acquire crypto tax clients
  • What trends to watch closely as the crypto / blockchain space rapidly evolves
  • Step-by-step how to use the best crypto tax tools on the market today (,, etc.)
  • Step-by-step how to work through actual crypto tax returns
  • How to avoid the thorny problems often associated with serving crypto tax clients
  • And much more!

We dig deep, teaching you techniques and tools that you'd never find on your own, or would take you years of trial and error to discover....most importantly, what we teach you helps you give the best service to your clients...which can then create an avalanche of referrals to other crypto / blockchain-involved clients who are looking for a crypto-savvy tax pro.

This is exactly what course instructor CPA Joshua Azran is doing in his own practice and that is why he has been featured in publications such as Forbes recognizing his thought leadership and practical experience in the field of crypto taxes.

The Crypto Tax Verified Training Program with CPA Joshua Azran creates a direct path for tax and accounting professionals to work effectively and efficiently in this new, highly profitable niche.

With crypto tax prep fees averaging around $1,000, you only need to prepare one crypto tax return at the average fee to turn a good profit on your training investment.

In addition to the comprehensive course materials themselves, we provide a private community where Members can ask questions and learn of new developments as they happen — direct from Joshua, his team, and other top-notch tax pros.

We are excited and privileged to bring Joshua's massive crypto knowledge to our fellow tax pros!

Course Details:

  • IRS Approved Provider: MPMDK (Pronto Tax School, Inc.)
  • IRS Approved Course Number: MPMDK-T-00038-18-S
  • 10 Hours IRS-approved continuing education (CE) in category of Federal Tax Law

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