Tax Training at the Speed of PRONTO!

Busy tax professionals are strapped for time and we need to always stay on top of our tax education so that we can assist our valued clients.

Pronto Tax School has developed a proprietary audio learning application that allows you to "learn on the go," on your mobile phone.

There are two main features of our mobile phone app, currently:

  1. Andy's Updates. These are brief 60 second tax updates that Pronto Tax School Founder & CEO, Andy Frye, adds for you as new tax updates come out.  This feature of the app is available for both iPhone and Android.
  2. My Courses.  This is where you can do your courses "by voice."  Yes that's right, you can control your learning experience with your voice. The app is integrated with your normal Pronto Tax School Account, so that any lessons you complete on the app will also show as complete in your normal Pronto Tax School Account. Don't believe us? Try it out! The app is backed with our 14 day money back guarantee so that you have zero risk in giving us a chance. NOTE: this "My Courses" feature, as of now, is only available for iPhone. Android version of "My Courses" is in development and should be done soon.

NOTE: this app requires iPhone 7 or higher, and iOS 14 or higher.

NOTE: for Android users, you must run Android 11 operating system or higher.

It's important to note that our app developer provides 100% tech support if you have any questions or need any help getting set up on the app, using it, etc.  

You're also fully protected by our rock solid 14 day money back guarantee.

We stand behind our products 100% rain or shine!!!

Download the app today and learn taxes at the speed of PRONTO!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    The App: What and Why

    • The Ultimate Convenience

  • 02

    How Does the App Work?

    • App Preview and Meet Our App Developer, Jeremy (Video)

    • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Will this Work on My Phone???

    • App Readiness Verification

  • 03

    Final Step: Get Your App!

    • Download the App--Game On!

    • 5 Minute Feedback


Instructor Bio:

Jeremy originally started out as a plumber, full manual labor in the blue collar world. While working his way up the ladder to become a Recycled Water Engineer, he knew it wasn’t his full potential in life. In 2008, inspired by Apple's iPad and iPhone innovations, Jeremy picked up a book on coding and said, “I’m going to become an App Developer.” Despite everyone telling Jeremy he'd never make it, he started his own App Development Company, 602 Industry LLC. Jeremy has developed apps for Blue Cross Blue Shield NC, Fidelity Investments, and multiple other projects, helping to lead teams and applications to success. With every challenge Jeremy has faced, he has taken each challenge as an opportunity to learn, serve and teach. Jeremy believes that the Pronto Hands Free Learning App may be his greatest app yet--but you'll be the judge of that! :)

Jeremy Lee

Relentless App Developer