How to Get New Tax Clients

We show you exactly how to get new clients. The same methods we've used to acquire thousands of clients - Pronto! | Taught by Andy Frye, EA

Course description

The ability to get new clients is the #1 determinant of how successful you will be in today's tax industry.

Many tax professionals struggle with the new client acquisition process.

Meanwhile, those tax professionals who are determined and skilled in getting new clients make more money, with less work, every single day, forever.

What if it was EASY and FUN to get new clients?

In this new and innovative training Program, Pronto Tax School makes it EASY and FUN for you to acquire new clients "on demand." 

You can follow the exact same simple system we have used to acquire thousands of clients for our own multi-location tax business.  

Acquiring tax clients doesn't have to be complicated, painful, or expensive.  

Follow along with our simple but powerful methods and watch your client base grow. 

Only one thing though:

Please ONLY enroll in this Program if you're prepared to actually do what we teach you to do.  The stuff we teach only works if you actually do it.  Just want to make sure that's 100% clear before you press that "buy" button!  :)

You are protected by our 14 day money back guarantee of course, in case you want to check out what we offer and this way you have no risk on our end, we take all the risk because we know that what we teach works and we have the track record to prove it.

Andy Frye, EA
Andy Frye, EA
Founder, Pronto Tax School

Andrew Freiburghouse, known as Andy Frye in "Tax World," is a tax consultant and Enrolled Agent (E.A.) licensed to represent taxpayers before all levels of the IRS.

Andy started his tax career as a tax preparer at Pronto Income Tax of California, Inc., a third-generation family business with multiple locations based in Southern California.

After preparing more than 10,000 tax returns and developing extensive employee training programs within his family business, Andy founded Pronto Tax School, Inc., an online training company that educates and empowers tax professionals and taxpayers nationwide.

Pronto Tax School is an IRS-approved education provider that offers credentialing and continuing education certificate programs, as well as career advancement and business development training.

Andy is a graduate of Santa Clara University, the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, and The School of Tax Business Hard Knocks.