How to Get New Tax Clients

We show you exactly how to get new clients and help you do it, for FREE - Pronto! Extremely limited seating, if the program is full at the moment, jump on the waiting list and we'll let you know when a spot becomes available! | Taught by David Reeser

Course description

The ability to get new clients is the #1 determinant of how successful you will be in today's tax industry.

Many tax professionals struggle with the new client acquisition process.

Meanwhile, those tax professionals who are determined and skilled in getting new clients make more money, with less work, every single day, forever.

What if it was EASY and FUN to get new clients?

In this new and innovative group training Program, Pronto Tax School makes it EASY and FUN for you to acquire new clients "on demand." 

Follow the same simple system we have used to acquire thousands of clients for our own tax business.  We walk right alongside you every step of the way.

What you get in this Program:

  • We show you exactly what to do to get new clients; simply follow directions and watch the good results happen.
  • We provide a private group to encourage and assist you in getting new clients.
  • We provide personalized coaching "role plays" to help you with real scenarios you're facing!

In other words, you get everything you need to become a "Client Getting Machine."

What's more, the Program becomes FREE, for those Members who do what we teach in the Program!

Review these Rules of Engagement to see exactly how the Program works: Rules of Engagement.pdf

Review these Frequently Asked Questions, also, BEFORE you join the Program.

Extremely limited spots available for this Program, join now if getting new tax clients is a priority for you!

David Reeser
David Reeser
Client Getting Machine

David Reeser is a "Client Getting Machine."

In the new Pronto Tax School "How to Get New Tax Clients" training Program, David shows tax professionals how to become Client Getting Machines, too.

Getting clients becomes EASY when we follow David's simple system.  Stop wondering "how do I get clients" and just follow David's lead.  Getting clients does not need to be difficult or painful, David makes it easy and FUN, and this stuff flat-out works.

In his first official business development role, David helped raise the company's profits by 75% within 18 months.

Next, David acted as VP of Sales & Marketing for a technology startup that had one customer when he joined the company. David proceeded to sign 148 new clients within the next 12 months.

Currently, David is the CEO of two companies, IT Works Wilmington, a cloud server technology company, and OpiAID, LLC, a tech start-up that's using artificial intelligence tools to fight against the opioid addiction crisis that's afflicting our country.

David teaches the art of getting clients at colleges and universities and now, his innovative and impactful teaching is available online through Pronto Tax School.  He specializes in "role play" instruction, with the motto, "Role play makes it real."  Students come out of his trainings ready to rock and roll and get clients daily.

If you've been struggling to acquire new clients, or you're already pretty good at getting clients and want to take that next step to become a true Client Getting Machine, this is the Program for you.  Limited spots available for this Program, grab your spot now if getting new clients is a priority for you!