Business Tax Verified: LLCs

Secrets of Successful LLC Tax Preparation & Consulting | Taught by Adam Shay, CPA, MBA

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Offering 12 hours of IRS-approved continuing education (CE), this training program is designed for the tax professional who wants to position yourself at the epicenter of a huge and growing trend:

LLCs are becoming the business structure of choice, especially for new businesses.

Many people think LLCs are "simple" but in fact the extreme flexibility of this structure presents significant complexity.

This training program shows you how to turn that flexibility and complexity into value for your clients and earnings for yourself.

The individual tax prep market will continue to face downward pricing pressure.

The market of serving the tax needs of business owners, by contrast, will continue to grow.

If you're looking to break into the LLC tax prep & consulting market, but you don't know how to get started, this training program is for you.

If you're already doing LLC tax work and just want to get better at it, this training program is for you.

CPA Adam Shay, who specializes in tax work for entrepreneurs, shares his secrets of success to working with LLC tax clients.

IRS Course # MPMDK-T-00028-17-S.

Adam Shay, CPA, MBA
Adam Shay, CPA, MBA

Adam started his tax career as a seasonal tax preparer at a Jackson-Hewitt® franchise in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Within a few months, Adam was promoted to General Manager of the franchisee's six existing offices. Adam then helped the company expand from 6 to 11 office locations over the next five years.

During his time in the "retail" segment of the tax prep business, Adam trained hundreds of tax preparers and supervised the operations of the company out of the main office, processing thousands of tax returns every year.

In January of 2010, Adam struck out to start his own business and, in March of 2010, obtained his CPA license. Adam decided to focus on serving entrepreneurs and business owners and that focus continues today.

Adam Shay CPA, PLLC has now grown to become a premier tax and accounting firm in Southeastern North Carolina, employing a team of six CPAs and four support staff and earning widespread respect in the business community with his team's proactive, results-oriented approach.

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The review title is good

by Armando F Lee
The text it is very good for who needs the program is good

The review title is good

by Armando F Lee
The text it is very good for who needs the program is good