Sales Training for Tax Professionals

Grow your sales skills, grow your profits - Pronto! | Taught by David Reeser

Course description

You can be the best in the world at performing tax services, but until and unless you can sell tax services effectively, your profits in the tax business will be either subpar or non-existent.

This is the only sales training program of its kind made exclusively for tax professionals.

If you're not as confident and compelling as you'd like to be when selling your tax services, or you're already pretty good but you want to take this to a whole 'nother level, this is the course for you.

David Reeser
David Reeser
Sales Ninja
Find pain, fix pain, everybody wins.

While some people view sales as a "dirty word," David Reeser shows, by example, the terrifically positive impact of connecting customers with solutions that make their lives better.

In his first official sales job, David helped raise the company's profits by 75% within 18 months.

Next, David acted as VP of Sales & Marketing for a technology startup that had one customer when he joined the company. David proceeded to sign 148 accounts within 12 months.

David shares his secrets of sales success with you, including how to generate more referrals for your business, how to handle pricing objections, and how to stand out from your competitors with a clear, compelling message.

Course Curriculum