The Quicksand Too Many Independent Tax Professionals Sink Into...

Our goal at Pronto Tax School is to give independent tax professionals a proven, step-by-step path to maximum success.

One major "danger area" for independent tax pros is what we call the "Multiplication" step.  Meaning, the effort to add another team member, or two, or three or more, to help you in your tax business.  

If you've ever said anything like, "If only I could clone myself, I'd be set for life!" -- then you're probably either already at or fast-approaching this Multiplication step of your tax career.  :) 

Well, cloning yourself isn't gonna happen (to our knowledge), but what we can give you is a proven, simple, EASY system that will allow you to add and manage tax team members in a way that's profitable and fun for you, as the team leader.

After years of struggling to add and manage tax team members, we created this software to solve three major problems that afflict independent tax professionals at the Multiplication step of our tax careers:

  1. Anxiety about adding team members ("easier to keep doing it myself" syndrome)
  2. Insufficient visibility on how team members are performing, if you do hire team
  3. Inability to add and manage team members profitably and pleasantly--every team member you add decreases your net profit and adds to your stress--NOT FUN!

This software has solved these problems for our own scrappy underdog independent tax business.

Imagine being able to see, instantly, in real-time, all the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your tax business.  That's what this system does.  And you'll soon discover, like we did, that "what gets measured, improves." helps you get OUT of the quicksand involved with hiring and managing a tax team, and ENJOY your team, while everybody keeps improving.

Yes you can grow your tax business without losing money and sanity in the process--and our software can help!

We back up our products with a rock solid 14 day money back guarantee and we have a simple, step-by-step onboarding process that gets you set up on the software fast and with minimal effort on your part (we know, you're busy).

If you'd like to schedule a private demonstration of the software before deciding, please feel free to click here to schedule a software demo.

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