Course Description

Tax & accounting is proven to be one of the best and most profitable businesses in the entire world.

However, it can also be a daunting task to start this type of business.  

You're almost guaranteed to fail if you go it alone and "learn everything the hard way."  There is a reason why people pay large franchise fees to hire the best experts to help them start a tax business instead of reinventing the wheel and going broke in the process.

We have created this Start and Grow Your Tax Business Program as a high-quality, low-cost way to start a tax business while learning from and working with  some of the top experts in the entire industry.

In this Program, you will learn:

  • How to Get Started
  • How to Re-start if the first time didn't get you where you wanted to go
  • How to Do the Work (Technical Excellence)
  • How to Get Clients and Grow Your Business

There are no long-term contracts or hidden fees, you own your client database, you can discontinue the program whenever you want if you're not finding value -- you're totally free at all times to do exactly what you please with your own business!

We are just here to help you and guide a price that no one can beat!

We have already helped hundreds of people start their own tax businesses and we are ready and willing to help you as well.

You could try to go learn this stuff on your own but it will take you 5 years or more to learn what we can teach you in this 5 week course.

Not to mention we are giving you hands-on mentoring and support all throughout the process of starting and growing your own tax business.

If you want to discuss this opportunity before deciding to enroll, please don't hesitate to use this link to schedule a direct phone call with our Program instructor and mentor Glen Wielandt.

We only want you to get enrolled in the Program if you're going to be a good fit and that includes being ready on your end to actually do what we teach you to do in this Program.

If you're already in the tax business, and maybe your business is not growing as much as you feel like it could, this Program can also be a great fit to help you.  Many of us didn't really get started on a solid foundation and this Program gives you a chance to rethink your existing business and start building on a much more solid (and profitable) foundation.

Time is of the essence and spots for this Program are very limited, so if you want in, now's the time to take action.

What Students Are Saying


5 star rating

“I would like to thank Pronto Tax School for having Glen on their team. This program was pretty easy to follow and full of informational data, the access to review and hear the class afterwards to review completely made it even better. Our Mento...”

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“I would like to thank Pronto Tax School for having Glen on their team. This program was pretty easy to follow and full of informational data, the access to review and hear the class afterwards to review completely made it even better. Our Mentor Glen was amazing he knows the industry very well. He takes his time to hear us out and gives us his feed back and points out other areas that I didn't think of. Honestly since I first heard Glen on the podcast of last year, I said to my self, Now here is this guy that has succeeded in many areas, that has dealt with all kinds of scenarios, yet he manages to sound like nothing has ever bother him in his life. My real achievement in life will not only be to succeed in my tax business but to have that patience, calm and knowledge like Glen does and of course to be humble enough to share it to the world. Thank you Pronto and Thank you Glen”

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Carl Perrera

0 star rating

“ I believe this course covered everything regarding starting a tax business including all the various types of ownership that one could utilize such as franchise or independent and the various types of ownerships including what types of insura...”

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“ I believe this course covered everything regarding starting a tax business including all the various types of ownership that one could utilize such as franchise or independent and the various types of ownerships including what types of insurances would be needed and other IRS and state requirements. The course also covered various marketing that one could utilize and the questions examples helped put myself in how this would fit into my life to build confidence gain and gain clients which is a great feature of this course. Unfortunately, i started this course late for the 2019 tax filing season plus I have also been busy caring for an aging parent but was just looking for something that I could eventually work again part time to supplement my retirement income as I am still in my early sixties and my health has improved. As for the 2019 tax filing season I'll see if I could work for a local accountant part time assisting preparing tax returns and see if I would enjoy this type of work and if yes by the end of the 2020 calendar year end I could start preparing for starting the tax business for the 2020 tax filing season. carl Perrera”

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Meet Your Instructor

Glen Wielandt is a 40-year veteran tax pro and entrepreneur who specializes in tax preparation and franchise development. He has worked in all phases of the tax business, from tax preparer to owner. He worked with all of the "Big 3" (H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, and Liberty Tax Service) tax franchises and trained more than 100 area developers and over 500 franchisees. He is the former Vice President of the Roni Deutsch Tax Centers® Franchise Company, Director of Franchise Business Development at Fiesta Auto Insurance and Tax Services® and has owned and operated 18 tax preparation offices in the Denver, CO area. Glen's love of teaching and mentoring has led him to join the Pronto Tax School team to ensure the next generation of tax professionals have the support, tools, and training they need to succeed in this rapidly changing new tax landscape. Glen is a graduate of Drexel University in Chemical Engineering with his MBA from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He also served in the United States military (and even did taxes there). He speaks 4 languages.

Glen Wielandt

Director of Member Success

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Week 1 - Getting Started

    • ***Before You Start, READ THIS!***

    • Tax Preparer vs. Pain Reliever

    • The Pains of Taxes

    • Teamwork.Tax Performance Optimization Software

    • Your 20% Discount on Everything

    • Tax Preparer Requirements by State

    • State Tax Agencies

    • Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN)

    • Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN)

    • Choose and Download Tax Software

    • Protection Plus (Audit Assistance Add-On)

    • Bank Products

    • Other Stuff to Know Before Proceeding

    • Getting Started Quiz (Super Easy!)

    • Week 1 Activity Self-Test

    • Week 1 Recording (Class #1)

    • Week One Training (Zoom Meeting) Class #1

  • 02

    Week 2 - Building Technical Excellence

    • Technical Excellence: Why It Matters So Much

    • The 5 Step Tax Prep System

    • Step 1: Information (Video Training)

    • Step 1: Information (Presentation Slides)

    • Step 2: Income (Video Training)

    • Step 2: Income (Presentation Slides)

    • Step 3: Deductions (Video Training)

    • Step 3: Deductions (Presentation Slides)

    • Step 4: Credits (Video Training)

    • Step 4: Credits (Presentation Slides)

    • Step 5: Closing (Video Training)

    • Step 5: Closing (Presentation Slides)

    • 5 Step Tax Prep Tools

    • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

    • Practice Tax Return Source Documents

    • 2019 Practice Return - Andy Frye (S, W2) Federal and NC

    • 2019 Practice Return - Gary Maddox (S, Schedule C, QBI)

    • 2019 Practice Return - Jack and Jill Fetch

    • Bonus - Tax Year 2020 Desk Reference Guide

    • Week 2 SGYTB Live

    • Week 2 Activity Self-Test

    • Week 2 Recording

  • 03

    Week 3 - Skills Verification

    • Skills Verification Instructions

    • SGYTB Skills Verification

    • Week 3 Highlights

    • Week 3 SGYTB Live

    • 2019 Pronto Tax Systems Software Training (Overview of the Personal Tax Software Package)

    • 2019 Practice Return - Shaun Gomez (S, W2, Schedules B and E)

    • 2019 Practice Return - Alfaro (MFJ, W2s, ITIN for husband and SSN for wife)

    • 2019 Practice Return - Vega (MFS, Form 8949, Schedule D) Fed only Teaser

    • Week 3 Activity Self-Test

    • Week 3 Live Training Recording

  • 04

    Week 4 - Business Setup

    • Business Structure (Choice of Entity)

    • EIN, PTIN, DBA, EFIN, Business License, Insurance?

    • Business Plan

    • Tax Business Owner Calendar

    • Pricing Your Tax Services

    • Pricing Your Tax Services (PowerPoint Presentation)

    • How to become a Certified Acceptance Agent

    • Budgeting Templates and Tools

    • Payment Processing Options

    • Merger and/or Acquisition

    • Tax Franchise vs. Independent Tax Business

    • Site Selection

    • Virtual Tax Prep Operations Training (Video Training)

    • Step-by-Step Checklist for Going Virtual

    • Creating an Operations Manual

    • Human Resources, a.k.a. "Teamwork"

    • Annual IRS Nationwide Tax Forums (several locations and dates)

    • Professional Associations

    • Cybersecurity for Tax Professionals

    • Week 4 SGYTB Live

    • Week 4 Activity Self-Test

    • 2019 Practice Return - Greta Wilson ( HOH, W2, Sch. A,C,D,E, Form 2441, Alimony)

    • 2018 Practice Return - Graciela Ladera (Yes, this is a 2018 tax return to file)

    • Week 4 Live Training Recording

  • 05

    Week 5 - Getting Clients

    • Key Concept #5: What Is Marketing?

    • Step-by-Step Digital Marketing Training with Jeff Dolan

    • Email Marketing

    • Social Media

    • Direct Mail

    • Client Getting Activities

    • Super Simple, Actionable Marketing Plan

    • Email Marketing Resources

    • Key Concept #1: Client Focus

    • Key Concept #2: Good Fit Clients

    • Key Concept #3: Get Fast Feedback

    • Good Fit Client Questionnaire

    • Good Fit Client Questionnaire Examples

    • Good Fit Client Checklist

    • Key Concept #4: Bias Towards Action

    • The Secret Recipe for Success in the Tax Business

    • Mission: Rapport Build

    • Pain Alleviation Specifics: Your USP

    • Plugging Into a Client Source

    • Standard Marketing Materials

    • Print Advertising

    • Great Service Is the Best Marketing

    • Overcoming Price Objections

    • Year-Round Earning Opportunities

    • Referral Programs

    • Website / Online Presence

    • Group Presentations

    • Text Message Marketing

    • Signage

    • Guerilla Marketing

    • Week 5 SGYTB Live

    • Week 5 Activity Self-Test

    • Week 5 Live Training Recording

  • 06

    Graduate to Greatness!

    • Final Test SGYTB Class 2020 - This is Open Book and will be discussed at Graduation

    • SGYTB Awards Show

    • We'll Continue to Walk With You (Unless You Tell Us to Go Away!)

    • SYTB Program Feedback

    • Graduation Day Celebration

    • Upcoming Live Training Sessions

    • Graduation Live Training Recording