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Course Description

Plug-and-play templates you can use in your tax business and tax career.

You can get started today and you'll have 365 days access to all materials so that you can work through the course at your own pace.

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Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Confirmation of Understanding

    • Tax Preparer Job Ad / Position Description Template

    • Compensation Structure for Tax Professionals

    • "Client Stealing" Concerns Language Template

    • Tax Preparer Training Plan

    • Team-Based Tax Preparation Process

    • Tax Season Readiness Checklist

    • 1040 Tax Preparer Pre-Employment Assessment

    • Business Tax Pre-Employment Assessment

    • CPA Adam Shay Pricing Process

    • Business Tax Return Preparation Checklist (CPA Adam Shay)

    • Business Tax Return Document Request (CPA Adam Shay)

    • 1040 Tax Return Questionnaire (Andy Frye)

    • Business Tax Return Questionnaire & Document Request (Andy Frye)

    • QBI Deduction Protector Spreadsheet

    • Real Estate Agent Tax Training Presentation Template

    • Questionnaire for Clients When Choosing a Business Structure

    • Accountable Plan Expense Reimbursement Template

    • Tax Savings Estimator for Startup Business

    • Startup Business Tax Consultation Template

    • Simple Profit and Loss Template

    • Employee Retention Credit Calculator

    • Client Profitability Calculator

    • Plug-and-Play Price Increase Notification Letter

    • Simple Tax Engagement Letter Sample

    • S Corporation Tax Preparation Workflow (CPA Andrea MacDonald)

    • S Corp Step by Step Tax Prep Process (Andy Frye)

    • Business Tax Info and Docs Request Template Email

    • Plug-and-Play Explanation of Accountable Reimbursement Plan

    • Request Accounts Reconciled Template Email

    • Unadjusted Financials TEMPLATE

    • Payment or Refund Detailed Instructions TEMPLATE

    • Magic Spreadsheet (S Corp Strategy)

    • S Corp Conversion Service Fulfillment Checklist

Additional Course Details

  • Education Provider: Pronto Tax School, Inc.
  • Instructional Delivery Method: QAS Self-Study Program.
  • Program Knowledge Level: Intermediate
  • Prerequisites: General knowledge of federal tax law and its practical application. 
  • Advance Preparation: None
  • Refund / Cancellation Policy: Full refund available within 14 days of purchase if you are unsatisfied for any reason (except if course completed more than 75%, in that case, there will be no refund available, even if within 14 day period).
  • Complaint Resolution Policy: Click the green "Need Help?" button below to contact our support team anytime. We resolve any issues amicably and working as a teammate with our valued Members.