Andy Frye, EA

Tax Deductions for Beginners

The essentials that everyone should understand - Pronto! (Free!)

Adam Shay, CPA

Taxes for Entrepreneurs: The Fast and Easy Way

Ignorance of taxes kills the dreams of entrepreneurs. CPA Adam Shay and EA Andy Frye put a stop to that now - Pronto!


Cryptocurrency Taxes: The Fast and Easy Way

How do cryptocurrency taxes work? It's all been very, very confusing. Let's fix that - Pronto!

Andy Frye, EA

Basic Income Tax (Federal)

Become a tax professional and obtain a rock solid foundation of tax knowledge with this IRS-approved course - Pronto!

Andy Frye, EA

Basic Income Tax (Federal & California)

Become a California tax professional with this entertaining, proven CTEC and IRS-approved course - Pronto!

Business Tax Verified: Forever Edition

Teaching tax pros in the secrets of working with business clients - Pronto!

Andy Frye, EA

Enrolled Agent (EA) Continuing Education

Knock out your 25 hours EA continuing education and learn all the new tax updates - Pronto!

Arthur Reed, CPA

Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam Prep

New EA Exam Preparation Course from Pronto Tax School Helps You Pass the Enrolled Agent Exam on the First Try — Pronto!

David Reeser

Sales Training for Tax Pros - Platinum Baller Edition

Grow your sales skills, grow your profits - Pronto!


Crypto Tax Verified

Learn the secrets of performing highly valuable and profitable cryptocurrency tax work.

Andy Frye, EA

Ethics for Tax Professionals

Two hours IRS-approved continuing education on the topic of Ethics - Pronto!

Andy Frye, EA

California Tax Update

Get all the California tax updates you need to know - Pronto!

Andy Frye, EA

Other Federal Tax Law: 10 Hours

Refresh & review important federal tax laws to earn 10 hours continuing education credit - Pronto!

Andy Frye, EA

Federal Tax Update

A fast and fun, but also comprehensive tax update course - Pronto!